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Are you ready for the ultimate carpet cleaning experience?

There are many carpet cleaners in the Oralndo area that offer carpet cleaning but do they offer you the complete experience? Here is what you will get from Carpet Rescue. I can assure you that it is beyond what you can get from any of the competition around here. We treat you right from start to finish so you end up with great looking carpets for a very fair price.

1.Pre Inspection

We always start with a pre inspection so that both sides know what to expect. Our technicians are well trained so they can give you a great estimate based on the square footage of the home or business. They can also take a look at the level of dirt in the carpets and any stains that will require special attention. You will get an estimate up front of what the cost will be before anything is done.

2. Light Furniture Moving

We will take the time to move your smaller pieces of furniture. Note that due to liability issues we have to leave larger ones in place. What we can’t move though we will protect so that you don’t have to worry about anything being damaged during the carpet cleaning process.

3. Pre Condition and pre spot treatment

We will carefully condition and pre spot the areas of your carpets that may prove to be harder to clean. These are fast acting products that help to break up the soil and dirt so that we can remove it for you.

4. Steam Cleaning

We use the best technology has to offer with great equipment. We can remove all of the dirt and debris with ease. Hot water is used to rinse the carpets to make sure all of the residue is removed as well. The water is very hot too which is going to remove a variety of known allergens from your carpet as well. We will neutralize your carpets with a carefully PH balanced product. This won’t be sticky at all. This is one of the steps I am the most proud of because it definitely sets us apart from other carpet cleaning companies out there.

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